New V5 Formula Control Scale System Movie

Here’s a new movie running through a demonstration of the V5 Formula Control Scale System.  It’s running in ‘Semi Automatic’ mode to minimise screen button presses and improve batch speed.  If you find a faster batching system out there, we’d love to see it!

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June 11, 2014

Movie Interview with Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms

Almost 3 years after the implementation of the SG Systems Produce Traceability Initiative Solution, Meghan Klotzbach from Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms provides a movie interview explaining the processes of becoming PTI compliant with SG Systems. Featured Mother Earth pictures and case study available here  

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April 8, 2014

Movie Interview with Life Plus Nutraceutical

Nobody says it better than George!  George Dust at Life Plus, Arkansas explains how the implementation of the Vantage Computer Controlled Formula Preperation System has helped ensure batch weighing accuracy for their manufacturing stage weighing process.        

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